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Frenchy Toast with ease

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Breakfast is my favourite meal and the most important. Like getting out on the right side of the bed, the day is started with a satisfying breakfast.


Autumn has arrived in Sydney. The trees are still green and the days warm but the nights are cool and the mornings dark. The blankets that have been patiently been waiting in the cupboard all summer have been cleaned and have moved to the end of my bed for those chilly breezes.



This morning I woke early at 6am from the toerrential rain pattering on the tin awning outside of my window. Usually I would not mind, but it is dark. The days of 6am walks to watch the sunrise have gone. Procrastination lasted long enough for me to watch the last of the movie I couldn’t stay awake for last night (partly because it was such a terrible movie). 


Then the stomach rumbles and its time for breakfast. As I have said before breakfast is the most important and my favourite meal of the day. My latest obsession is the warm moist, sweet (or savoury) deliciousness of french toast. For a week it is the only way to welcome in the day. 


As I brew my strong coffee I start making my easy-breezy frenchy-toast

Serves 1

You need:

1 egg

+ 1/4 cup cream

+ bread


+ optional nutmeg or cinnamon / S&P and chives

+ toppings; maple syrup, ham + berries

Whilst toasting bread whisk together the egg and cream. Heat teaspoon of butter on warm hot plate. Once bread has toasted roll in egg-cream mix until covered. Then place on preheated buttery pan. Cook on warm till golden brown, turn and cook other side. When you turn over add the ham to the side of the pan to crisp and warm. Once ham is cooked and both sides of toast are golden and delicious remove from heat. Plate toast and top with berries, generous amount of syrup, yoghurt, more butter and ham. Enjoy.

Sometimes I mix it up and add some cinnamon or nutmeg to mix or like this morning I added generous salt and pepper with fresh chives.