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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

scents for your home is the most


I have often heard people ask; what would you rather “the loss of smell or the loss of taste”. The common consensus, decided in less than a second, is most could live without smell but could not survive without taste. I cannot decide that quickly, I find this such a hard question because I really do value the sense of smell. It is delicious 😉

Food to me only taste good because I salivate in anticipation of a flavour explosion only due to smells leaking from kitchen. Food visually without a smell I have no desire (that is except ice-cream, almost odourless yet so so tasty… wait and twizzlers yumm – I guess these exceptions make this such a hard question).


Smells unrelated to food give me so much pleasure and occupy a lot of my time. A trip to David Jones always includes a tour of the perfume section where I smell the new seasons of fragrances by Burburry, Chanel, Kai, Lancome, balenciaga, Kiehls, chloe, comme des garçons…. I smell and smell and smell until I find something that I like. Then I quickly spray myself before the shop assistant asks if I need a hand. For the rest of my shop, I can be seen sniffy my cuff deciding whether this perfume could be my next seasonal smell.


In beauty stores, the scent of hand cream, moisturizer or lip balm always influences my purchase (although I often try to buy un-fragrented products and leave my scent to the perfume).  In a florist… need i say more? If a flower does not smell, it is sick, send it back! The smell of hair salons makes me crave a new colour – I love the smell of peroxide. Shoes and bags must always smell of rich leather. Permanent markers – naughty but I do love it.


So I recently found myself in a homewares store and found I instantly drifted towards the scented candles and room fragrance section and began smelling. I love beautiful things and compliments about clothes, decor and design are of highest importance to me. This also includes a beautiful smell. Nothing beats a compliment that you, your home or what you’re cooking smells good.


I find when I walk into a new place a smell highly influences your first impression and instantly sets the tone. Likewise whenever I meet someone for the first time who has a beautiful scent I always remember their name. Is that weird, or perhaps it just how I am wired. So I always ensure that my house is never odourless and guests are always greeted nose first. Whether through freshly cut flowers, pauporie or candles I hope to make sure who ever enters my apartment for the first time is impressed with a scent.

After a solid twenty minutes of smelling candles I decided to purchase a new candle that was not too sweet and not too sour but just right.


Circa Home: Blackberry and Saffron.

Candles are great and worth every dollar. They provide instant fragrance for those days or weeks when flowers do not fit into the budget. Candles are expensive so to ensure you get your dollars worth there is one rule you must follow-  light your candle for 15 – 20 minutes then blow it out, by then your house will be fragrant and burning the candle anymore is just a waste. After an hour or two relight the candle to refresh your space. Whatever you do, do not leave your candle burning for hours; candles are expensive and you are wasting your soy indulgence.


Another trick to keep your house smelling beautiful is home-made potpourri. When your markets have reached their expiry, especially roses, catch the petals, place them in an ornate bowl and on a sill to dry. Once dry enough you can put your bowl anywhere in the house for a mild natural smell. These only last a week or so depending how well you dry them; be concious of the under layers rotting. This may or may not have happened to me.