Green juice everyday.

Think of your skin and drink me everyday.

For a month aim to consume more nutrients, less sugar, less alcohol and salt and you will notice a a significance difference.

Green juice recipe.

250ml coconut water (or almond milk or rice milk or water) – hyrdate
100 gms berries (blueberries are anthocyanin-rich and boost vitamin c plus raspberries to fight free radicals)
1/2 avacado full of essesntial fatty-acids
1 tbspn raw cold-pressed coconut oil
handful of spinach
1/2 lime juice
+ tbspn greens powder (optional)

whiz and blend and consume.


Introducing Mariesa Mae

Silk jersey has been transformed into sexy sweet boudier pieces by Miss Mariesa Mae. Hand detailed lingerie pieces revealed a little and a lot of Mariesa and her beautiful models on the fashion launch Tuesday night. Despite the flaunting feathers the embellished one pieces and slinky night gowns stole the show. Crutchless panties and cheeky bums with hand sewn embellishments were not forgotten despite the cosmopolitan and lychee martinis flowing from the bar.
Cannot wait to get my hands from her paddington store this coming week.

See or visit her at her pop up at 200 Oxford street, paddington. Sydney.

Of all things beautiful, buying bras and panties gives me the biggest endorphin high. Shh

Everyone should wear red lipstick now and then

To me I was unfortunately born with thin lips that almost disappeared from sight when I laughed. The idea of wearing red or drawing attraction to my lips was never contemplated and so I never tried it.

My beautiful colleague who seems to never have a bad hair or makeup day came into work looking fantastic. I always notice hair and makeup, a daily regimen that makes everyone feel better. I noted her taupe liquid eyeliner, matte skin but was m instantly became envious of her popping red lips. It made me think about how after 20-something years the only red lipstick I had ever worn was a shade of summery plum that I recieved free in tester pack. Not colour was vulgur and was not matched to my skin tones yet it was instances like these that ruled coloured lips out from my whole life. I had ruled red lips to those of Marilyn Munroe, Anne Hathaway, Freja Beha, …

A change of heart, I went into Mecca and was recommended a shade of red. Upon application I was not convinced, too-red? too-blue? shiny? matte? The saleswoman was lovely and suggested I walk around the centre, have a coffee, catch my reflection and decide over the next hour whether the colour was for me. It wasn’t. My chattery mouth, licking lips, fidgity hands quickly smudge the glossy rouge. Glosses were not for me.

I continued to experiment with professional advice the different styles and hews of red; red-blues, red-oranges, matte, semi-shine, glossy until I found one that was me.

Now it is my failsafe. Any evening with a five-minute change time, an unfinished outfit and now even days of feeling down I put on my reds and feel better.

Now, leaving red lips on my coffee cup is one of my elegant guilty pleasures.

Be inspired and always remember: have clean moist lips, strong defined brows, soft subtle eyes and gentle cheeks and a soft mono skin tone.


@Julien David. Paris2012.

For those still not convinced see; Rashida Jones, Kirsten Dunst, Leighten Meester