“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci


Craving Christmas in October.

My birthday is in october. it is the month of breast cancer. the month of exams. the month of jacaranda trees. and finally the month that department stores, supermarkets and general stores start promoting this years season of christmas decorations. and I love it.

In my final year of school my 18th birthday fell in the first week of exams. It was also the day of geography and visual arts theory exams. 

Needless to say, it was almost forgotten.

I remember it well, I got up. Was welcomed in the kitchen by the blackboard being scribbled Happy birthday messages from my sister who had left for university. Breakfast coffee was out, but cold. I slept in. I ate breakfast. I studied. Looked at my feet and took myself to the gym and bought myself a gym membership. I used the membership. Then went to the supermarket. There I bought a packet of natural confectionery company christmas celebration mix. It was delicious and naughty.

This is why I know that in october, christmas decorations come out. 

Christmas is festive, its warm, its busy, sweet and smells like ginger and cloves. Until today I did not realise the extent of how much I love gingerbread. I had an overwhelming urge to celebrate christmas, I fought off buying premature decorations or sweets and decided to bake a gingerbread cake. 

After scrolling through thirty tabs of recipes and rested upon this one. I wished for a recipe that indulged in spices, was oh-so-ginger and classicly cake.

All my wishes came true… 

all gone.