“You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having.” – Frank Lloyd Wright


I love my Westward // Leaning

Sunglasses are timeless. They last forever and no matter what shape or size you are, one size fits all… just as long as you get a pair that suits you first.

After reading multiple bazaars, vogues, Grazia and Maddison I decided to bite the bullet and go against my fashion rule; keep it classic and simple and buy a microtrend essential. Reflective sunglasses.

Giovanna Battaglia

For an unexplained reason the look of business suits, smart tailoring is perfectly complimented with the sports trend. Its fresh, young and fun.

Be inspired:

The Australian Yasmin Sewell

Anna dello russo

Anna Della Russo walking the streets of Paris

Not wanting a generic brand of sunglasses I re-read my magazines, searched the internet and found a perfect pair. Westward Leaning.

When looking at their website I was overwhelmed with choice, over ten types and subtypes within that. Nervous and unsure of which to choose I read the ‘about’. I soon discovered … they are all the same. The only difference between all of different styles is the colour of the lens and frame and the type of tag on the arm bands.

The celebrity lookbook includes Olivia Palmero, Emily Blunt, Selena Gomez, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Justin Bieber, Michael Polish, Jennifer Garner, Amber Heard… just ot name a few but they all chose black and black. Sticking to my guns I chose matte black with blue reflective lens…



I was so excited, placed my order and three days later they arrived.

Westward Leaning

My Westward Leanings packaging has the best wrapping I have ever recieved from online purchases, and I have done my fair share.

It was simple, quality and beautiful.



I am also in love with the case, or two cases. One that protects the lens then another that protects the entire glasses. Included also is a lens cleaner, bonus.


The ribbon will definitely be recycled.


What do you think?