Perfect denim wear that only needs white t-shirt and patent boots. 


Beautiful, comfortable, stylish.

I want I need…now




check out:

Label: Dzojchen
Designer: Chelsea Scott-Blackhall
Founded: 2008
Based: Singapore
Seen on: Johnny Depp, international model Rebecca Tan

Founded in 2008 by former model Chelsea Scott-Blackhall, Dzojchen is a Singapore-made, New York-based luxury street wear label with premium materials sourced from all over the world: selvage fabric from Japan, leather pelts from tanneries in Spain, threads from the UK, and denim from specialist mills in Japan, India and the US. Each of Dzojchen’s pieces are all hand-tailored by bespoke craftsmen. Whilst the brands roots originated as denim specialists, their expansion to leather + denim successfully recreates their exclusivity in both quality and cut. The most differentiating characteristic of Dzojchen is expressed in the one-word definition of the brand’s essence: individuality.


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