Remember the good ones too

Whilst studying psychology at university I learnt that an unfortunate trait of human nature is to remember bad experiences over the good and it is easier to be cruel than to be kind. This tutorial has always stuck with me as I have been able to relate both statements with everyday experiences. Being a big coffee drinker it was easy to relate the bad experience over good. No matter whether I had five great coffees at a single cafe, once I am victim to a burnt milk or watery latte, this is the experience that will come to into my mind first when I see the cafe. A single bad coffee experience has stopped from going back to a cafe all together or gives me that extra push to walk 200m to another barista in fear of a bad coffee.

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Likewise, I can relate to the ease of saying pesimistic comments over more positive. It is easy to pick out something wrong than it is to search for the position. I am defintely a glass half full girl but when I become tired (or hungry) whining, complaints and cynical comments escape my lips more frequently than the optimisitic, creative ones. This has since changed, or perhaps I am just more aware, but ever since this class in 2008 and a lot of practice, I beleive I have managed to stop myself before I speak antagonistically. For example a girl that has not dressed for her figure or skin tone would be target to many negative comments but I always try to find the positive; the beautiful colour or print of the dress, the bag, the makeup, the hair.

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This one psychology tutorial has had significant impact on what I say and I often try to pass on this experience to others. Once some things are drawn to your attention it is hard not to think of them and I beleive these two statements should be known for all.
Be conscious that your mind has control of how you think, what you say and how you act. This also works in reverse; when working with the public whether its retail, hospitality or another service, the success is determined by the comsumer experience. Aim high.


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