In three words: Beauty Quality Design.


Addiction or love?  I cannot decide if I am in love with Ex voto Paris or just fallen in love.

Ex Voto Paris, established in 1993, is a luxury lifestyle brand that creates, produces and distributes scented candles, fragrances, bath & body care lines and perfumes for those who want to indulge in sophisticated simplicity. Initially I was attracted to the uncluttered, sleek approach to design design of but was soon addicted to the pure shapes,elegant fragrances and stylish colours. From the sensuality of Black Amber to refreshing Ginger Laces with lotus blossom, from the elegant Deep Leather to velvety Neroli, all the subtle fragrances are created in Grasse, in the south of France, the worlds Perfume capital. Ex Voto Paris founder and designed, Nathalie Paillarse, marries these exquisite aromas with minimalist packaging, uncluttered, but aglow with sensuous detail. “Beauty, quality and design” are the underlying concepts of Nathalie Paillase inspiration and she kept true with her pure shapes and elegant palettes of colours and subtle aromas.

Ex Voto philosophy is to mix art with science and the finest cosmetic formulas to explore textures in the senses without overwhelming them. Ex voto paris unique blends forma a feeling of one-of-a-kind blend that you must have… and leave you wanting more.

I am now a converted Ex Voto Paris devotee… 




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