One minute. Puff Pastry. Butter. Vegeeeease

VeryExcitingNews. this is the easiest fastest, most delicious dinner that can be made in one minute flat + cooking time. & it is 100% satisfying.

I was sitting at home. feeling perfectly sunday exhausted.  After waking early (and baking breakfast for the boyfriend, i went to lifesaving. after five hours of sitting in the sun and eyes on the water I felt the need for culture. I visited Eugene Atget – old paris at the national art gallery.

Before home I stopping off at messina for a peanutbutter&maltbiscuit ice cream and provide a padded shoulder to comfort a broken hearted friend. There is nothing like ice cream for drying tears at any age. By the time I got home, the cool change came through, my clove candle was lit and I needed dinner.

I am not a fan of take out. if someone else is to cook for me it delivered on a white plate and dining experience; whether thats a dinner party or a cafe. plastic containers, cardboard boxes or paper bags are only used on those very few, rare occasions especially when there is food in the fridge. 

But nothing looked more unappealing than the endings of the weeks vegetables and meals. 

I needed something warm, tasty  quick, easy and flavoursome. Using only one tray, one pan, one pair of scissors and 10 minutes later I was tucking into dinner.


The ingredient list is open to fridge and freezer availability. egg and cheese are optional. season with S&P and fresh herbs  

ingredients – anything. 

mine was similar to oyster_enoki_brown_mushrooms, brocooli, babycorn, avacado, red_onion, grilled_chicken, baby_spinach and asparagus


puff pastry

egg and cheese (optional)

mustard (pick_your_flavour. I love english_mustard)


method –

take puff out of freeze.

melt butter in pan.

add mushrooms. saute.

add vegetables. cook until desired.


place puff on foil.

smother with mustard. leave 1/2” from edge

top with sauted vegetables. leave 1/2” from edge

top with egg or cheese.

put in hot oven 180-200C

…wait 10 minutes or golden


I ate mine with yoghurt. yum.

Let me know how you go…


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